The Perfume is the result of many years of researches and development made by a Doctor of Pharmacy concerned to combine comfort and health of bathers with pleasure of subtly perfumed water.

Fragrances come from Grasse, the world capital of perfumery and are specially designed for AquaScent®.

The quality of raw materials is association with real technology that places AquaScent® as the specialist of the perfumers in water. Without alcohol or water, the olfactory persistence of AquaScent® fragrance is vastly superior to other fragrances on the market.

The total solubilization of the product gives AquaScent® of the undeniable qualities: no trace of fat on the walls of basins and no formation of foam.  Patented AquaScent® technology allows an olfactory persistence about 4 days (according to the terms of use). The regulatory tests allow to say the safety of the product for the skin, the eyes and swallowed.

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Les parfums Aquascent sans eau ni alcool

History of AquaScent® goes back to 1998 when the laboratories AquaScent® was founded in Fouras-les-Bains in Charente-Maritime. However, the original idea is older and comes from Jean-François Marcilly, Doctor of Pharmacy, which has developed the formula in the 1980s.

So it’s from ‘boxes’  of laboratories Cosmalia, partner of AquaScent® that came the idea to perfume the water of the swimming pools and the spa and the society was created. Today, management and marketing are provided by a women’s team. Association of two friends, Christelle & Sylvie who love creating, who love to share their passion, who love the subtle and refined scents and especially who love the atmosphere of the scented spaces.

The company is located in France, in Charente-Maritime, in Fouras-les-Bains; City where it is good to create! AquaScent® brings its french and foreign customers its expertise and its R&D to study and achieve ranges of exclusive scents. AquaScent® may make available to its customers its expertise to provide complete packaging. Thanks to their experience, the AquaScent® laboratories are leaders in the perfuming of water and specialists in the development of specific formulas, suitable for the international market.


Aquascent – Parfum pour spa et piscine sans eau ni alcool
  • The spa

  • The sauna

  • The hammam

  • The jacuzzi®

  • Balneotherapy

  • The term Spa is generally used to describe a hot tub but it also corresponds to a complex of well-being with spaces of relaxation (beauty, massage…)

  • A saune us a cpane confined fitted with a device on which we pour water to create steam.

  • A hammam is a space bigger then the Sauna and it's a steam generator, such as a boiler, which produces water vapor. A glove special and black soap used to clean the skin in depth.

  • Jacuzzi® is registered trademark of hot tubs.

  • Balneotherapy refers to care provided in tubs with water jets.